Living in Panama – a Booming Metropolis Close to Beaches & Mountains

Benefits of moving to panama and living in panama

1. The Army has been Replaced by a Police Force

The army has been replaced by a police force that keeps crime to a minimum in most areas. Living in Panama is safe and secure.

2. World class Medical and Alternative Health Care Facilities

Foreign Residents Moving to Panama don’t worry much about health care because Panama has world class Medical and Alternative Health Care Facilities.

3. Many Multicultural Communities

People of all races and nationalities are living in Panama without having any cultural friction.  All the multicultural communities are functioning harmoniously with peace and respect.

You can Have it All when you are Living in Panama with an Easy Panama Retirement Visa

4. Diverse Climate

Moving to Panama offers a variety of city, beach, rural and mountain climates within a radius of 100 kilometers.

5. Population that is Friendly to Foreigners

Moving to Panama is suitable for individuals who want to meet fun loving, good looking, easy-going locals. People living in Panama are always ready for action regardless of age, gender, religion, culture, race, language, sensuous preferences or sexual orientation.

6. Libertarian Society

One of the many benefits of moving to Panama is feeling the freedom of a libertarian society where everything goes as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

7. Opportunities with the Indigenous Tribes

Many foreigners living in Panama are intrigued by the exotic habits of the friendly indigenous tribes who live in reservations that are open to tourists.  Panama‘s indigenous population consists of more than 250,000 people who have ownership of the best beach-front and mountain Real Estate in the country. Fair collaboration with the indigenous population has a huge and still unexploited tourism potential.

8. Pure Nature

Panama has hundreds of thousands of acres of protected forests, national parks, sanctuaries and jungles. Moving in Panama enriches life with aesthetically and spiritually uplifting experiences.

9. Exotic Islands

Hundreds of islands are waiting to be discovered. One of these islands is reserved for the exclusive use of celebrities and the super-rich. It’s not uncommon for those moving to Panama to rub shoulders with entertainers and movie stars

Living in Panama

NEW YORK (TheStreet) a little more than two years ago started the Web site Best Places In The World To Retire, there was a choice about which country would be the site’s first. From a business standpoint, the answer was easy: Choose the country that is generating the most interest among North Americans. That country was (and still is) Panama.

Want to go shopping at high-end malls and eat at fancy restaurants? Living in Panama has that. Want to buy hand-made jewelry from Guna Indians or “go native” in a sparsely inhabited area? No problem. Care to be around North American expats? There are places where you can speak English to pretty much everyone you see and go to happy hours with your North American friends every day. Don’t want to be around expats at all? Living in Panama can accommodate you, too. Want to be part of a close-knit community that can provide support and also greater meaning through helping others? The expats in Living in Panama are brilliant at that.

Moving to Panama

Foreigners are Moving to Panama because of its modern infrastructure teamed with a warm climate, peaceful lifestyle and beautiful tropical surroundings. There’s also a growing number of foreigners setting up holiday homes on Panama’s offshore islands. Moving to Panama will lead expats to low cost leaving. The price of property has increased with the country’s growing popularity, but this is dependent on the city and location. There is also a range of good internationals schools from which expats can choose.

Panama Visa

The newly established Panama Visa Immigration programs were created by a group of Ministers and senior government officials who were successful business people prior to serving their government. Their singular objective was to make Panama the Easiest Country to get Citizenship with Panama Visa.

Panama can offer you different types of visas:


To qualify for the Retiree, Pensionado Panama Residency Visa, an individual should be at least 18 years of age and have proof from a foreign legal entity that they will be earning a monthly income of, at least, 1,000 USD for the rest of their life. The income of 1,000 USD per month is sufficient for one couple only.  For each dependent, an additional income of 250 USD per month is required.  As dependents, can only be considered the Children of the couple up to the age of 18 or, if they are full-time post secondary education students, up to the age of 25.

Friendly Nations – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Panama Immigration allows Citizens of Friendly Nations to be granted a Panama Residency Visa that leads to the Easiest Country to get Citizenship and a Panama Passport, if they can prove financial solvency and have economic or professional ties with Panama.  Financial solvency can be proven by depositing a minimum of 5,000 USD in a Panamanian bank account. An additional 2,000 USD must be deposited for each dependent that will obtain residency status but also qualify for Panama Citizenship as well as receive a Panama Passport.  For the applicant to establish economic ties he must form a corporation that is registered to do business in Panama and be either a member of the Board of Directors or a majority shareholder.

Reforestation Investors – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

The Reforestation Investor Panama Permanent Residency Visa can lead to full Panama citizenship with a Panama passport.  Applicants may qualify when they invest a minimum of 80,000 USD in a Reforestation project that has no less than 5 hectares of forest land.  An additional investment of 2,000 USD is required for every dependent who will be included in the visa application and will also obtain Panama Citizenship as well as a Panama Passport.

Foreign Professional – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Panama Immigration allows Citizens of all nationalities to apply for a Foreign Professional Panama Residency Visa if they have a university diploma in a career that’s not in their long list of exclusions.  Most notably Marketing, Social Media Management, Business / Government & Banking administration are not excluded as well as various other sub-specializations such as Logistics, Marine Technology, Oceanography, Instrumentation, Bio-tech, Material Handling, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and a host of other sub-fields that may be deemed appropriate by Panama’s National Universities.  To establish professional ties, the applicant must hold a work permit, have a social security card and provide proof of employment by a Panamanian company.

Agricultural Investor – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Applicants making a passive investment of 60,000 USD in Panama agricultural projects, aquaculture or farms may qualify for an Agricultural Investor Panama Residency Visa. The maximum period for temporary residency under the Panama Agricultural Investor Residency Visa is 6 years and the temporary residency permit must be extended every 2 years.  An additional investment of 500 USD is required for each dependent.  This Panama Residency Visa option qualifies for funding and has various other incentives that make it the obvious easy solution for ecologically minded business people or professionals who are aspiring to get involved with growing, distributing and exporting healthy, nutritious, non-GMO, chemical free, organic food.

Domestic Worker – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Any Panamanian national or a Panama temporary or permanent resident can hire a foreigner to work as a Maid, Gardener, Cook, Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Butler or Nanny.  These workers will have a Panama Residency Domestic Worker Visa for one year and be eligible to receive up to 4 extensions, provided that the applicant continues to work for the same employer.

Panama University Studies for a Residency Visa

An applicant may be eligible for a Panama Residency Student Visa for one year and be eligible to receive up to 6 extensions, provided that the applicant continues to attend a post secondary institution that is approved by the Ministry of Education.

Panama Citizenship

There are many reasons why Panama always comes up when people search for the Easiest Country to get Citizenship.

The main reason is that Panama Immigration has over 20 affordable Residency visas with many permanent Residency Visas leading to Citizenship with a Panama Passport. These newly established Immigration programs were created by a group of Ministers and senior government officials who were successful business people prior to serving their government.

One of their objectives was to make Panama the Easiest Country to get Citizenship. These business-people-turned-politicians were not your typical bureaucrats making decisions on behalf of a monolithic government. In 2013, they created an infrastructure that, in just three years, turned Panama into a fully developed nation. As part of their program, they introduced Immigration policies that serve not only the people of Panama but also all the foreigners who are putting their faith in this tiny democratic nation that has now become the center of the Americas. Panama has surpassed everyone’s expectations by becoming the Easiest Country to get Citizenship.

Several European countries have Immigration policies that could qualify them as the Easiest Country to get Citizenship but this only applies to individuals who have roots in these countries.  For those willing to invest several hundred thousands of dollars in a country they don’t know, many Caribbean Island Nations, without real economies, have come up with Immigration policies that may also qualify them as the Easiest Country to get Citizenship.

All things considered, for the majority of people seeking a new base for their fiscal residence, Panama offers a total solution that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Panama is not simply the Easiest Country to get Citizenship but also a fully developed economy offering real opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to manage their enterprises with logical regulations and without excessive government overreach.  Local taxes are moderate and there is no mandatory reporting of international income.  Lifestyle is easy and affordable but there are also many options for luxury or extreme living.

There is a VISA for everyone who wishes to invest, work, live and raise a family.  All these benefits make Panama the definite champion in the race for the Easiest Country to get Citizenship.

Panama passport

The newly established Panama Immigration programs were created by a group of Ministers and senior government officials who were successful business people prior to serving their government.  Their singular objective was to make Panama the Easiest Country to get Citizenship.

These business-people-turned-politicians were not your typical bureaucrats making decisions on behalf of a monolithic government.  In 2013, they created an infrastructure that, in just two years, turned Panama into a fully developed nation.  As part of that, they introduced a Panama Immigration program that serves not only the people of Panama but also all the foreigners who are putting their faith in this tiny democratic nation that has now become the center of the Americas.  Panama has surpassed everyone’s expectations by becoming the Easiest Country to get Citizenship.

Today, the whole world is talking about Panama.  The news of just one law firm gone wrong were blown out of proportion.  But this hasn’t stopped vast numbers of people, who have discovered that Panama is the Easiest Country to get Citizenship, to continue flocking in record numbers creating huge business opportunities in spite of the international problems and recessions.  These visitors aren’t criminals or refugees but successful business people from the richest or most beautiful countries in the globe.  They are amazed to observe the prosperity, opportunities, privacy, level of liberty, respect and just plain fun that is available to all those who discovered that Panama is the Easiest Country to get Citizenship and are already living here.  Many of these visitors stay or plan to return and create business structures that empower them to expand their operations and enter into the world of International Trade and Finance with fewer hoops to jump and more of their money left for reinvestment to stimulate healthy expansion.

If you are wealthy and wish to protect your assets, then the Panama Residency VISA for People of Means is your best solution because you have found the Most Effective and Easiest Country to get Citizenship and a Panama Passport.

If you need Panama Citizenship with a Panama Passport and you understand that your investment will double as carbon credits are finally being instituted, then Panama Residency VISA for Reforestation is your logical choice.

If you are poor and want to get a job or useful education, then the Panama Residency VISA program has two options that will change your life.

If you’re managing well in your country but want to keep more of your own money, there are at least 6 Panama Immigration options that will help you do even better.

If you dream of traveling the world while reducing taxes in your country of residence, then the Panama Immigration program has more than 12 different options to manifest your dreams into reality.

If you want to make a small investment in a very profitable business that you can control, then Panama, the easiest country to get citizenship and obtain a Panama Passport, offers the Residency VISA for Friendly Nations that is tailor-made just for you.

If you love the ecology, and wish to make a modest, passive investment in an industry that is set to explode in the next couple of years, then Panama Residency VISA for Agriculture is for you.  Helping grow organic, non-GMO food may also qualify you to receive funding.

Panama Immigration

Panama is internationally recognized as the Top Offshore country. It attracts people from all over the world who are interested in Panama VISA for Permanent Residency. They come to enjoy the unique benefits that only Panama has to offer. Some skilled professionals and workers come for a job while others are setting up international start-ups.  

For the following reasons, newcomers come highly motivated:

1. To Increase Revenues

International business people prefer the Panama VISA for Permanent Residency.  In Panama’s laissez faire economy, there is always a deal waiting to be made everywhere you turn.  Everybody who’s anybody passes by Panama to make business deals because of the following reasons:

–  The Banking and Financial Center is the life line of Latin American Trade, Logistics, Finance and Investments

–  The Panama Canal hosts a Free Trade Zone and the second largest port in the world that keeps on moving 80% of all the shipments between the two hemispheres.

–  The cosmopolitan — yet cost effective — infrastructure of highways, underground and aboveground Metro lines, luxury hotels, beaches, sports and a cultural variety of entertainment with a multitude of restaurants.

–  With a Panama VISA for Permanent Residency you can enjoy a world class Tourism infrastructure with over 100 Casinos, the main Caribbean Cruise Line hub, the Latin American Convention Center, the Regional Tax Free Shopping destination, the top Medical tourism choice and an up and coming Agro-tourism sector.

2. To Reduce Taxes and Costs

Panamanian citizens and residents believe that governments have no right to demand taxes or impose mandatory reporting requirements for income that is generated outside of its borders. This economic policy has worked so well that Panama is the only world economy that has been growing by 6% to 12% every year in spite of the recessions in almost every other country.

 International business people, who agree with this philosophy, are getting a Panama VISA for Permanent Residency and avoid paying taxes on international income. With this simple and affordable strategy, they avoid breaking any of the laws that have been imposed by their own inefficient and unaccountable governments.

3. To Receive a Low Cost, Hassle Free Panama Permanent Residence Visa

Business people come prepared to visit for a couple of weeks and get a residency card that is effective immediately so they can come and go as they please.  If they decide to go out of Panama, they can return in about 3 months – for up to six months – and receive their official Panama VISA for Permanent Residency.  

Panama is not a Nani state and has a Constitution that respects Human Rights and Civil Liberties.  Panama doesn’t impose any major restrictions on their residents’ length of stay. As long as they visit for a few days every couple of years, Panama’s permanent residents can arrange their travel at their absolute discretion.  

Some working people choose to save travel costs and relocate immediately.  They get their Panama VISA for Permanent Residency and end up becoming residents in a few months.  The residency process can be completed with minimal documentation, little or no investment and with very low legal fees.

4. To have Easy Air Access

Panama is the hub of Latin America with direct flights to most other international hubs.  There are direct flights from most major North American, Asian and European cities connecting every South-Central American capital.  Panama permanent residents, who have a Panama Retirement Visa, receive a $25% discount on all local and international flights.

5. To Obtain a Second Passport

Panama has earned its reputation as the easiest country to get citizenship because some of Panama VISAs for Permanent Residency — like the Friendly Nations Visa or the Reforestation Visa— lead to a second passport.  Only in Panama business people from one of many Friendly Nations can invest just $5,000 in their own profitable business, get a second passport for all their family members and pay no taxes on their international income.

6. To Secure Privacy and Asset Protection

Getting a Panama VISA for Permanent Residency offers the following tax benefits: Panama Foundations and Corporations use Nominee Directors to protect the identity of the beneficial owners by making sure that their names do not appear in any public registries. Since 1927, Panama provides full-proof Privacy, Asset Protection and tax avoidance with the most private legal entities that can: – own Bank accounts and other property in Panama or anywhere else in the world – buy and sell Real Estate, businesses, vessels or any other properties without a publically registered shareholder change. – avoid paying sales or capital gains taxes

7. To Enjoy a Lifestyle Improvement

Panama has 3 choices of:
–  year-around cool mountain weather,
–  breezy beach weather and
–  always hot metropolis weather.

Panama has a diverse infrastructure.

The working class is content and comfortable with an inexpensive lifestyle.

The middle class can keep a live-in maid (for as low as $100/week) and enjoy an upper-class lifestyle of nightly entertainment and weekend events.

The elite has choices from hundreds of private islands, numerous helicopter pads and over 40 airports to take their planes wherever and whenever they want.  There is even an international circuitto race their Ferraris.

8. To Experience Liberty and Independence

People from all over the world feel more at home in Panama than in their own country. Panama honors its status as a Republic. In faux Republics and Democracies the confused majorities allow Orwellian governments to crash the rights of minorities that are on the cutting edge of making positive changes that threaten the ruling classes. In the Republic of Panama, minorities enjoy their privacy and remain fearless as they see their business flourish.  

As an example, one expat stayed in Panama for only six months earning tax free income and building his online business.  During his short stay, he accumulated 137 Contacts from 52 Countries.  His newly acquired network of personal connections will be enough for him to be making deals during the next two years when he plans for his return to Panama.

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