Find Out How To Get A Permanent Resident Card (E-Cedula)

How to apply for the Permanent Resident ID that comes with the Panama Permanent Residency Card and additional benefits of having one for each family member.

How to get a Panama Permanent Resident ID Card (E-Cedula)

The Panama Permanent Resident Card called the E-Cedula is a form of identification for those who have already secured permanent residency.

Who can Apply?

Anyone  can apply that has received permanent residency in Panama.

Gather necessary documents, and apply at the Electoral Tribunal. 



2 Copies of Passport Photo Page

Copy of the Passport page where Panama Immigration has issued the Registration Stamp

Permanent Residency Card (front and back)

And the following document that our lawyers prepare for you:

Application to receive the Resolution from Immigration Panama




-Getting a bank account
-Buying land
-Buying a property
-Registering a car
-To get a Work Permit

An E-Cedula is forever. It is a document with a number specific to you. Like your social security number, it never changes.

An E-Cedula entitles you to all the benefits of a Panama citizen, except voting.

Application Process

The easy 4-Step application process is fast.
We make every step quick and easy while you enjoy a working vacation.

Apply for the Resolution

We apply for the resolution at Immigration Panama

Make an appointment with Electoral Tribunal

Once we have the Resolution we make an appointment at Electoral Tribunal

Apply for the E-Cedula

Show up for the appointment on time and apply for the E-Cedula, pay the fee and take a photo.

Wait 3 weeks for the E-Cedula

The E-Cedula gets processed in about 3 weeks. You would have to return to Electoral Tribunal to receive the E-Cedula or we can pick it up on your behalf.

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