How Millennials can Save the World Economy

How are P2P communitiesare flourishing outside the Centralized Financial Systems?

Millennials believe that boomer Politicians and Bureaucrats have killed our economies and are making it worse by creating a debt that cannot be paid.

Do you believe that your own government has turned against you?

People say that nothing is certain, except Death and Taxes. Granted, Death is unavoidable, but many of us already know that that the rich don’t pay taxes.

As we’ve learned from the reports of Panama Papers and the movie Laundromat, the rich have anonymous Panama corporations and only pay very little tax. Even the President of the United States admitted on television that it’s legal.

Did you get confused and give up?

Maybe you searched the internet for an offshore bank account and are wondering why you can’t find any reliable offshore banks or international tax lawyers.

The job of skilled advertising copywriters is to focus on being at the top of the search results. They don’t need to know the international tax law because they make their money from commissions.

Experienced international tax lawyers with offshore banking relationships are extremely busy and don’t consider paying commissions to bloggers. Their assistants won’t even waste any time to return emails from unknown inquiries. They only accept referrals from a trusted ally who is qualified to do their their per-compliance and only refer suitable candidates. In fact, 30 years ago, it was against the rules for lawyers or doctors to advertise.

This is the simple reason why you can’t find any reliable offshore banks or International Tax Lawyers or the Internet. LEARN MORE.

Is the coronavirus about government control?

Governments have jumped on the opportunity to use the excuse of the synthetic coronavirus to lock up already dead economies and buy time. A plan was necessary to manage the people who had started realizing that the wealth was removed by the top 1% that wasn’t paying taxes.

Nothing is 100% certain but it is logical to think that governments may be playing “diddly-do” and “diddly-don’t” with the economy until they figure out how to keep people inside a wheel of hope.

Let’s do the math: How much is the yearly GDP for the USA?

The total of all the money spent and generated by everybody in a nation’s economy is called Gross Domestic Product – GDP for short. The yearly GDP for the US is 20 trillion dollars.

In September 2019, the financial media were forced by law to report that almost every day the US Treasury was generating a trillion dollars out of thin air. All the new money were given as a loan to the government, banks and big businesses to buy back their own non repayable debts and overvalued shares so they can prevent a stock market crash.

Are we heading towards a global economic reset?

It is obvious that a profitable business will not continue paying taxes when they have better options offshore. When 200 trillion dollars are created every year to sustain a global economy of 80 trillion, it is obvious that a global economic reset is around the corner.

When is the global economic reset going to happen?

Not even world leaders can predict the exact timing of the global economic reset when the chips will finally settle down. We know that what survives will remain fixed for the upcoming decades. The exact same thing happened 20 years ago when the dot com shake-up was inaugurated with the 911 event. We show how Google, Apple and Amazon ended up dominating the world.

Most experts forecast that the global economic reset will be introduced sometime around the Q4 (September to December). This is typically the timing when such events are planned.

Looking at the current situation in the USA, we could be certain hat the reset will happen shortly after the US election by the end of 2020 no matter who wins. The gloves will have to come off at the time when everyone is still facing the consequences of ruined international economies and massive unemployment.

How to avoid absolute mayhem when the masses are looking for a way out

Everything is possible
when good people realize
that the future of their loved ones
is in serious danger that could be avoided

A lot of people are asking:
“HOW can we get out of this mess scot-free?” [1]
That’s the right question that leads to solutions that are now very urgent.

We know that the majority of ordinary working people are basically good-natured and are followers.

The “S” curve illustrates that when 3% of the people find answers to a question the solutions will hit exponential growth.

People’s basic needs can be grouped in 5 categories and this sequence:

  • health protection
  • fair income opportunities
  • the right to keep their belongings and
  • their privacy from
  • governments that may announce laws taking away their constitutional rights

Here are good solutions that cover all of these areas: Decentralized Economic Opportunities that Make Sense

During the last eight years a new world of opportunities has flourished with previously unimaginable achievements in health, longevity, technology, new materials, biochemistry, communications, decentralized finance, near-free clean energy, space travel and exploration.

Let’s not focus on fear because there is a lot of good news

Most important is the fact that humanity has reached the tipping point of realization that they have the tools to collaborate. The “easy make money fast without productive work” ethic is a trap. It hasn’t worked for people to organize and exert decisive influence over their own governments because they, themselves, also behave like irresponsible parasites that evade accountability with excuses.

The open source internet of money

Millennial rebels, IT geniuses, video game players, Silicon Valley capitalists, banks and governments are all rushing to restructure their positions in preparation for a massive wealth transfer. They are the 2.8% of the US population that owns crypto-currency. If you are not already part of this group, you can “Learn How to Safely invest in Bitcoin Offshore”.

Justice starts to happen when people control their money and know how to exercise their civil rights. That puts ordinary citizens in a strong position to hold their government accountable and protected from the covert influence of power hungry magnates.

Use of guns, violence, protesting in the streets and other boomer strategies have become obsolete. Millenials have for free the same open source access to the patented technologies of giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc. Many of them get millions of views on their YouTube channels while CNN newscasters scramble to reach an audience of a few thousand.

Are you stuck and can’t decide what to do next?

Only your ability to take immediate action can keep you on the right side of the wealth transfer that is taking place right under your nose. That’s the real reason why you are being delayed by your governments and the misinformation of the mainstream media. The ruling classes are scheming changes that the will take effect suddenly leaving you outside with no time to react.

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