With a Choice of over 20 Panama Residency Visas and Citizenship options, everyone is welcomed in Panama to invest, operate international business, get or create a job, study, retire, play or let loose and enjoy life.

The Panama Retirement Visa is the Easiest Residency Visa in the World

Anyone over 18 years of age with a lifetime pension or annuity paying a minimum of $1,000 USD per month qualifies. Another $250 must be paid per month by the annuity or pension for each dependent. The annuity or pension can be paid by a private company, military, government agencies, corporations, a bank, an insurance company, or a Trust. This Panama visa provides several discounts from movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, concerts, and domestic airlines along with other products or services.

Retiring in Panama is more like starting a new and more carefree life.  Exciting opportunities entice people to get involved with

  • Hobbies like Music and theater,
  • Sports like golf, boating and fishing,
  • Start your Dream business,
  • Make Money Online
  • Invest in any venue you can think of
  • Become younger and even more beautiful by having fun, staying active and having access to top medical or alternative health care options

Last, but not least

  • Make time to Rediscover Love and Romance with your spouse or
  • if you a single – with choice partners from any imaginable combination of race, nationality, spirituality, age, appearance, sexual orientation, wealth and education levels.

According to Panama’s Laws you can retire from your teenage Year of 18+ even if chose to start working on making millionsor You can live after retirement age the carefree life of a teenager.


Friendly Nations – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

To apply for Panama Friendly Nations Visa you have to be a citizen of the “Friendly” countries

Panama Immigration allows Citizens of Friendly Nations to be granted a Panama Residency Visa that leads to the Easiest Country to get Citizenship and a Panama PassportREAD MORE

Reforestation Investors – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Get your Panama Passport with Panama Reforestation Visa

The Reforestation Investor Panama Permanent Residency Visa can lead to full Panama citizenship with a Panama passport.  Applicants may qualify when they invest a minimum of 80,000 USD… READ MORE

Foreign Professional – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Start your successful career with Foreign Professional Panama Immigration Visa

Panama Immigration allows Citizens of all nationalities to apply for a Foreign Professional Panama Residency Visa if they have a university diploma in a career that’s not in their long list of exclusionsREAD MORE

Agricultural Investor – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Passive investment of 60,000 USD is required for Agriculture Investor Panama Immigration Visa

Applicants making a passive investment of 60,000 USD in Panama agricultural projects, aquaculture or farms may qualify for an Agricultural Investor Panama Residency Visa READ MORE

Domestic Worker – Panama Immigration Residency Visa

Domestic Worker Visa – Panama Immigration Visa for those, who want to enjoy Panama and make some good money

Any Panamanian national or a Panama temporary or permanent resident can hire a foreigner to work as a Maid, Gardener, Cook… READ MORE

Panama University Studies for a Residency Visa

Student Panama Immigration Visa – for those who always wanted to get high quality education in Panama.

An applicant may be eligible for a Panama Residency Student Visa for one year and be eligible to receive up to 6 extensions… READ MORE