How to Get a Panama Driver's License

Foreigners using their country’s driver’s license can drive legally in Panama for up to 90 days.  
After that time period, foreigners are required to obtain a Panama driver’s license.  
Once a tourist becomes a temporary resident of Panama he or she will be required to apply for a
Panama driver’s license right away (even if it less than 90 days).

The Panamanian government contracts with a private company called SERTRACEN
to examine applicants and issue the driver’s licenses.

This is the process for obtaining a Panama driver’s license:

Application Process

The application is fast and easy.  We are with you every step of the way.

Certify your home country Driver’s License & Affidavit

Divers license certification and affidavit can be obtained from your countries embassy in Panama by making an appointment. Follow the link to find your embassy.

Authenticate the Certification & Affidavit

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs office will authenticate the affidavit you received from your country’s embassy and the copy of your foreign driver’s license. Follow the link for the address.

Obtain your Blood Type

If your home country drivers license does not state your blood type, you will need to do a blood type test and obtain a health certificate attesting to your blood type.

Book Appointment at SERTACEN

When you have the following documents, you can book your appointment to get your drivers license here:

Present your Documents

Make sure you bring your documents on the day of your appointment with SERTACEN.

Take Vision and Hearing Test

You will need to take a vision test and a hearing test on the day of your appointment.

Pay Fee

Once you pass your vision and hearing test you pay the fee of $40 USD.

Obtain your Driver's License

Then you wait a few minutes and get your driver's license.

Ask Us Anything

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs office is located at San Felipe, Calle 3, Palacio Bolívar.
Tel: 511-4100

Law #146 as of April 15, 2020 states that any clinical laboratory that has a current
opening and operation permit by the public health technical council is authorized to issue a laboratory result for applications for driver’s license procedures.

You must bring the following documents with you when you visit t SERTACEN to get your Panama driver’s license:
• Original and a copy of your passport
• Original and a copy of your home country drivers license
• Original and a copy of your Panama temporary/permanent resident card or cedula
• Certificate with your blood type
• Notarized affidavit from the Embassy
• Authenticated MFA documents

If you are 70 or above you must submit a certificate of good physical and mental health in order to get your drivers license. This certificate serves as proof that the license holder is fit to operate a vehicle safely.

A Panama drivers license is issued for 4 years.
If you are 70+ then the driver’s license is issued for 2 years.

If you are 70+ have a look at our latest article on changes SERTRACEN has made.

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